Committed to creative expression, Superlotl by Inkbox merges Web2 and Web3 with an impactful, utility-driven initiative.
Defined as identity celebrators, Inkbox produces artist-designed semi-permanent tattoos and has collaborated with expression icons.

Here are some of them ...
Post Malone
Rick and Morty
Rupi Kaur
Powerpuff Girls
Warner Brothers
Stranger Things

We believe supporting and expressing identity brings the world a little bit closer and it’s important to bring this forward into Web3.

Let's make an impact while shaping the future of Web3 together!

Superlotl Charitable Impact

Inkbox is dedicated to giving back to charitable organizations that strike home with not only axolotls and our team, but with billions across the world. Proceeds from physical tattoo sales will be donated to charities committed to fighting cancer for our first drop, and other impactful organizations decided by our community in the future. Together, we can make a difference!

One of the axolotl’s IRL superpowers is that their genomes are 10X stronger than humans, making them remarkably susceptible to cancer, and a natural fit to represent this initiative. In support of the American Cancer Society, 10% of proceeds from physical sales of Superlotl tattoos on Inkbox will go directly to research, advocacy and patient services and resources.

For each Superlotl tattoo sold online at Inkbox.com in 2023, 10% of the sales price will go to support the American Cancer Society®, a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity whose mission is helping people who face cancer. To learn more about ACS, visit www.cancer.org

No portion of purchase is tax deductible. ACS does not endorse any service or product. Inkbox will receive no remuneration from ACS for conducting this campaign.

Superlotl Roadmap

4242 Superlotls hatch on the blockchain, each with high-quality 3D traits and a unique 1/1 tattoo.

Tattoos are available for sale on inkbox.com. Charitable donations are made.

Superloot is activated. The longer you hold your Superlotl the more likely your chances to claim FREE Limited Edition Tattoos from Top Exclusive Artists and Partners

Buy, sell, and collect tattoos on your Superlotl via Tattoo Pack Drops.

New collabs and partner announcements.

InkVault voting and Art Portal activated. First 100 Creator Role winners are selected and designs available for sale.

Superlotl owners unlock advanced Superloot rewards and IRL events!

Ink to Web3

Virtual tattoo experiences and epic activations. Unlocking creative expression in the Metaverse and beyond!

What’s next for Superlotl by Inkbox? Stay tuned to find out!

Return of the Herd: The Full Story

Please sit here, relax and read our story :)

Chapter 1

Our story begins in Salamansi, a world so prosperous, so filled with color and vibrancy it spawned a weird little creature not found anywhere else in the universe - the Superlotl. Is it a lizard? A soft dragon? An infant mermaid freak? Nobody really knows, that’s the whole point.

The lush and magical world of Salamansi bestowed the Superherd with epic powers including super-healing, regeneration, and overall inked up super-badassery. They marked themselves with tattoos using ink harvested and distilled from their lush waterways. Why? … Because locally-sourced organic ink is cool, stop asking questions.

The Superlotls thought they were untouchable. Until the eldest Lotl, Elderlotl, noticed the darkness descending from above...

Chapter 2

Oh Lotl!

It’s been one Salamansi week since Elderlotl noticed the impending doom of their world, and the damage is already much worse than anylotl could have ever imagined.

Salamansi’s once lush waterways are growing sparse, the nutrient-rich water becoming even more tainted from all the plastic puke the land-crawlers are dumping from above. The Superherd’s home is becoming more polluted than a frat house after Gill Break!

To stop this lake-bed lunacy Elderlotl frantically begins scribbling scrolls using ink from his reservoir to call for help. The ink’s special powers can reach every corner of the aquatic world, connecting to Superlotls everywhere in a moment of crisis.

The scrolls are sent out to every Superfaction, but will they reply before it’s too late? …