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All Superlotls hatch with a unique 1/1 tattoo that will be available for sale as a semi-permanent tattoo
Proceeds from each sale are donated to charitable organizations.

Superlotl by Inkbox®

Built by the world leader
in semi-permanent tattoos and self expression, Superlotl by Inkbox is here
to Ink Web3

4,242 Population

Free Mint June 26th, 2023. Join the Superherd and gain access to inkredible utility.let's swim

of the Herd
Learn the History

Superlotls are the most unique creatures in the universe that thrive in an underwater community. With incredible powers of healing and regeneration, the Superherd thought they were untouchable.A history this remarkable needed to be preserved and they did so by marking themselves with special tattoos using ink harvested and forged from their rich waterways.But over time, the lush waterways became dulled by activity from above. The Superherd’s healing powers were no match to the pollution and their population began weakening.Their leader, the strongest of all Superlotls, Elderlotl, had lived through centuries but never encountered such devastation.Pouring over ancient texts, Elderlotl learned how to unlock the potential of their tattoos, each carrying a unique power and story.Now unlocking the true power of their ink, the Superherd needs help to grow their population, ink their future, and return peace not only to their region, but all regions impacted by human intervention.

Your Superlotl will hatch with a powerful and unique 1/1 tattoo that will be available on as an IRL semi-permanent design.

Proceeds for every sale are donated to support charitable organizations.
Exclusive Superloot drops will be available for all holders.
Mint your Superlotl and get ready!

4,242 Superlotls Hatching

  • Every Superlotl hatches with a unique and powerful 1/1 tattoo.
  • Your Superlotl's tattoo will be available for sale as an IRL design on In support of the American Cancer Society, 10% of proceeds from physical sales of Superlotl tattoos will go directly to research, advocacy and patient services and resources
  • Superlotl owners gain access to 3 powerful utility categories: Superloot, Art Portal, and InkVault.
  • Our mission is to Ink Web3. Inkbox is entering Web3 for the long-term with virtual tattoo experiences and epic collabs!

Every tattoo has a story, find out yours and unlock its powers!

  • Buy, sell, and collect tattoos for your Superlotl. More tattoos = more Superloot.
  • Gain access to Inkbox discounts, tattoo redeemables, exclusive product drops, access to events and IRL tattoos from top global artists!

Enter Superlotl Art Portal and earn the Creator Role for IRL tattoo sales

  • Inkbox works with top creative artists around the world, now’s your chance to be featured among them!
  • With Creator Role, you can submit your own tattoo designs, your lotl’s ink, or other digital artwork you own IP rights for, and see your ink come to life on! Earn commissions from sales of your tattoo designs IRL.
  • All Superlotl holders will have access to enter the Art Portal. Creator Role will be given to holders who submit top designs voted by the Superherd.

Every lotl has a vote! Decide the future of the Superherd together

  • 10% of all Superlotl profits will be sent to the InkVault.
  • Owning a Superlotl means you are a member of the Superherd community. Each member of the Superherd can vote on proposals and projects which impact the future of the herd.
  • Impacts include future charitable donations, Ink Web3 initiatives including upcoming drops, activations, collabs, and much more!

The Team


President and Co-Founder of Inkbox, over 10 years experience running a super brand


Web3 strategist and super builder. Bullish on educating.


Queen of Brand and Partnerships, and super Queen of Queens

ARTonARSuper Artists

Using super 3D and AR technology to develop impressive works of art on the blockchain

NiftablesSuper Devs

Experts at platform development, UX wizards with a knack for super execution